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I was cleaning out my Inbox when I saw an email from a client that I had missed. It bothers me that I missed a communication from a client. It galls me when a person or a company does not respond to me immediately. Therefore, I try hard to respond quickly. Good manners go a long way in showing the kind of person you are.

My answer


I am aghast! I just saw your email this moment. I’m sorry it has taken so long for a response. In the future, if I have not answered by the following day, then email me again, or call. A one month delay in answering is not acceptable. I wouldn’t accept it, you shouldn’t either.


You wanted to know what it would take to do this program.

Barbara, your success will be directly tied to how well you and Richard are able to associate with the folks in trouble. That means you will have to learn how to manipulate people’s emotions. This often comes down to being genuine and empathetic. Example:  The ‘formula’ or ‘script’ I used to answer your email was:  acknowledge, apologize, resolve, and emphasize. This is empathy with a purpose. This is a version of my favorite sales technique, “Feel, Felt, Found.” Google it.

Please do not view my answer with cynicism. I am trying to give a real world example of how to deal with people.

The first thing is to acknowledge their situation, then show some level of contrition or sadness or astonishment that the situation exists; then provide some good information, and then follow-up. It will seem Machiavellian to some, but we manipulate all the time. To manipulate for the benefit of creating a win-win situation is a good manipulation.  It’s called Sales.

The sellers are in a bad situation. No one has helped them out of their bad situation thus far. Are they better off if you leave them alone, to continue in their bad situation; or are they better off by moving on with their lives, even if their emotions have been manipulated a bit by you. They win, and you win; win-win.

Yes, this business can be done. It is being done every day, by others. Your success will be in direct proportion to your sales ability. Please do not think that because a person is in trouble, that they will accept any offer. That is not the case, not at all. Folks in trouble cut their noses off to spite their faces – all the time. That is how they keep their self esteem.

In order for these folks to sell to you, with the terms you want, you will have to be seen as a friend, as being trustworthy, someone who will go the extra mile for them (the sellers.) The price or the terms you offer have nothing to do with how the sellers will view you. “Your policy is to offer a certain amount. You’re sorry, but that is all that you can do. You would love to give them everything that they want, but you can’t. If you made an imprudent purchase, then you would be in a bad situation yourself. You want to help, but you must be prudent.” Doesn’t this sound like you are good business people and trying to be considerate at the same time?

The other gurus say there are motivated sellers in the marketplace. They intimate all you need do is to show up, and somehow, miraculously, the seller will give you the property for a song. Not so.

The reality is that only 20% of salesmen make a good living. The other 80% have the same prospects; however, they do not elicit the same response from the prospect as the most successful 20%.

The reason for the coaching is to help you become the salesperson that you need to become. Please contact me with any sales situation with which you would like some help.

Be genuine,

Mitchell Goldstein - Coach Mitch
518-439-6100 until midnight EST

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