Coach Mitch’s Complete Option Package

Coach Mitch’s Complete Option Package    $77  ebook

Coach Mitch’s famous $1 Option package allows you to control property with no liability.  This unique document will let you control hundreds of properties without ever spending more than $1 each, just like I did.  This option is a very powerful mechanism allowing you to close virtually any deal you work on.

Option = a choice, the act of choosing.

A real estate option is a legal contract where a seller optionor, for consideration, grants to a buyer optionee, the option to a right to purchase the property. The seller optionor gives to the buyer optionee total or partial control over the property.  The buyer optionee can choose to purchase, that is to say, has the Option of purchasing the property at the agreed price, within the stipulated time-frame. If the buyer optionee chooses not to purchase the property, then the seller optionor gets to keep the consideration paid by the buyer optionee.

Coach Mitch’s famous $1 Option

This option is uniquely aimed at the tax delinquent situation.  Many of the legal clauses flow out of the issues that proliferate in a tax delinquent purchase.  Some of the legal clauses answer specific tax delinquent questions.  The option came about from experiences in the field.


  1.  I only put down $1 as consideration. I never, ever pay more.
  2. $1 is the maximum that you can lose if you choose not to purchase the property.
  3. You get to control the property. Only you can sell it.
  4. A clever clause allows you, the buyer optionee, to change the purchase price, and the seller optionor has already given his permission. This is powerful.
  5. There are many clauses to fit every situation.
  6. I had 225 options at one time, at $1 each. So can you.

This is a fully loaded package and it includes several contracts favorable to the investor.  It doesn’t matter if your buying or selling, these contracts will come in very handy.

Coach Mitch’s

 Famous  &  Totally Unique


Real  Estate OPTION Series

The Complete Package

Instruction Manual shows what to do and how to do it and what to say to explain each clause. The Package also includes these forms and documents:

  1. Blank – Assignment of Option
  2. Blank – Notice of Assignment
  3. Blank – Memorandum of Option
  4. Additional Clauses for Coach Mitch’s $1 Options
  5. Blank – Coach Mitch’s $1 Exclusive Option #1
  6. Blank – Coach Mitch’s $1 Non-Exclusive Option #2
  7. Blank –  Coach Mitch’s $1 Tax Sale Option #3
  8. Blank –  Coach Mitch’s $1 Split Profit Option #4
  9. Sample – Split Profit Option #1
  10. Sample – Split Profit Option #2
  11. Blank – $1 Deposit Receipt
  12. Blank – Coach Mitch’s Regular Straight Option
  13. Blank – Coach  Mitch’s Promissory Note
  14. Blank – Coach Mitch’s Simple Pro Investor Contract To Buy #1
  15. Blank – Coach Mitch’s Simple Pro Investor Contract To Sell #2
  16. Blank – Coach Mitch’s Pro Investor Purchase Contract
  17. Blank – Coach Mitch’s Pro Investor Long Lease w Option

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