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Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction kicks off this week

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction has traditionally been held in real-time until 2010 when the vast number of properties up for sale forced its move to online sales. The 2010 auction set records with thousands of tax foreclosed properties for sale. Then last year’s auctions [2011] beat those records with more than 10,000 properties up for auction. And now this year’s auction is set of shatter those with just over 22,000 properties up for sale, and about 20,000 of those are in Detroit.

Loveland Technologies, …debuted a website last year ( that mapped all of those properties in Detroit.

[The] auction could represent the largest change of hands of property in the city in one small time period (about one month) to date. …it speaks to the challenges the city is facing in regards to land use, neighborhood stabilization and bevy of other issues impacting local citizens.

Paffendorf says the situation has interest in this year’s auction has risen considerably. He wouldn’t be surprised if larger investors descend on the auction and alter the playing field in a sale process that has traditionally been dominated by smaller investors.

“Don’t be surprised if somebody buys everything,” Paffendorf says, referencing one investor who bought every tax foreclosed property for sale in Macomb County last summer for a few million dollars. “I have to assume this will be the biggest auctions ever in terms of sales.”

Wayne County IN tax deed auction kicks off this week


Coach Mitch’s REFLECTIONS™


The Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet

Anyone thinking that this recession/depression is waning has rocks in their head. If anything, it is getting worse. The predictions of depression are growing as the situation gets worse. The Fed is buying $40 billions in bad paper each month to stimulate the mortgage market. The Fed is ramping up to do another round of easing, QE3, but the market has already discounted whatever large infusion of cash can be aimed at stimulating the economy.

Things are bad and getting worse

Mortgage foreclosures are at record levels – again. Tax foreclosures are at record levels – again. The real rate of unemployment is over 17%, approaching The Great Depression levels. Factories are not hiring, retail is not hiring, agriculture cannot get American labor to work and must hire illegals to pick crops, 10000 applied for a janitors job in Michigan. Things are tough out there. Many have given up.

The sharks smell blood

Most big companies are flush with cash. Companies only retain big cash reserves if they are playing defense against a purchase or if they are in play and want to be purchased or if the company is searching for takeover candidates themselves. Some companies want the cash rich balance sheets to look good to suitors; some want the cash to be able to buy their stock so suitors cannot, and thereby avert or win a hostile takeover attempt; some, like Berkshire Hathaway, are always in the hunt to buy at low ball pricing.

The 1% own 90% of the assets

Just prior to the Great Depression there were about 20000 banks. The “too big to fail” banks of the time swallowed them up and the banking industry was consolidated into about 10000 banks, a 50% decrease. The same has happening today. We have evolved to about six Jinormous banks and another six Jigoonda banks, all thought to be “too big to fail” so taxpayers must pay for their follies. The prediction is that there will be only two banks, one east of the Mississippi River, one west of it. Make no mistake, this is not capitalism; we live in a fascist monopoly oriented economy.

Companies that cannot get financing will sell out for pennies on the dollar. Big companies will buy out their smaller competitors at wholesale pricing, thus eliminating any restrictions on raising prices to consumers, feeding inflation and further draining the middle class.

Government loans will be needed to keep some companies afloat. We have seen government pick its favorites, like Solyndra, and the sad but inevitable result.

Thus moves forward our march toward total government and the fascist monopoly economy. This is the outcome of “pay to play” politics where only those willing to bribe are seated at the table with those willing to sell their votes.

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it

If you think the Founders are old fashioned, out of touch, from an agrarian society and therefore no longer valid – then view one of my favorite of Jefferson’s quotes:

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks [The Fed] to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power [The Fed] should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

It seems Jefferson could accurately foresee into the future.

Heads will roll…

King Louis XVI and his queen, Marie Antoinette, lost their heads, literally, during the French Revolution, because he did not correctly understand the situation he was in. The rich and powerful are blinded to the suffering of the masses. The rich believe that feeding US cake or circuses will suffice to quell the inner pangs of rage. They are wrong!

“The Power” is much smarter today

“The Power” has instituted a Frick or Frack system. It does not matter who is elected president, “The Power” will have its policies carried out. We currently have a bonafied fascist type socialist as a president. Should the challenger win the next election, there will be little difference  in policy, despite statements and promises.

More of the same

Whoever wins the presidency,

  • wars will still be fought without a proper Declaration of War;
  • subsidies to business will still be provided;
  • a subsidized welfare class will still cash checks and buy off people’s respectability;
  • we will still have a fiat currency instead of the constitutionally mandated gold and silver;
  • the extremely expensive education system will still not teach what it should but it will still cost more than it should;
  • the EPA will still pass rules that take away your rights to property;
  • and Homeland Security will still make preparations for the American Anschluss,
  • whereby “The Power” has decided to eliminate our 50 states and have US become a country of 10 regions living under a brand New States constitution, that they have already written .

The role of “The Power” goes back to before the revolution, working behind the scenes. “The Power” promotes those who put forth its ideas, i.e. government control.  Having removed the gold standard, “The Power” manipulates the economy at its will by manipulating the money supply.


Fascism is an economic system where the government controls the means of production, primarily through regulation. Communism is an economic system where the government owns the means of production. Capitalism is an economic system where the means of production are owned privately and operated for profit. Under fascism, the government allows you to own the factory, but the government tells you how to operate it, dictating your profit.

Nixon was a significant fascist type socialist. The list of fascist socialist programs he instituted is impressive:

1. Wage and price controls, which are a prime socialist agenda item
2. Environmental Protection Agency is utterly unconstitutional, violating the defense of property clauses in the constitution
3. 1972 Clean Water Act takes away individual property rights
4. 1970 Clean Air Act takes away state’s rights
5. National Health Care, Nixon proposed his version which was just as unconstitutional then as it is today
6. Proposed the Family Assistance Plan to consolidate Medicare, Food Stamps, Aid To Dependent Children, et al, all programs the federal constitutional does not allow
7. Gold and silver are expressly established in the US Constitution to be our money. Nixon removed the convertibility of US currency into gold, a totally unconstitutional act.

In foreign affairs, Nixon was a great friend to our socialist enemies.

1. Nixon went to China, promising financing, cooperation and American factories, allowing communist China to begin its effort at world domination; and knowing America could not compete, let American workers lose their jobs and futures.
2. Nixon caved in to North Vietnam during negotiations to end the war, leaving POW’s behind, giving succor to the enemy and demoralizing America for generations.
3. Nixon negotiated the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty during which he authorized the selling of a US super computer system to run the entire Soviet missile defense system so a US computer could shoot down US missiles.
4. Nixon significantly cut back our own space program after we landed on the moon and saved the Soviets faltering effort in space, by inviting them join our program, sharing technology and giving the communist Soviets much prestige.
5. Nixon decided and ordered Kissinger, during the 1973 Yom Kipper war, to tell Israel that “it was not an option” to decimate the surrounded 30000 man Egyptian 3rd Army, thus allowing socialist Egypt to stay a vigorous enemy of our friend Israel.
6. Nixon did not respond to the fascist socialist Arab governments that imposed the Arab Oil Embargo onto the US after the 1973 war. The embargo was a war provoking act which Nixon did not crush, allowing the oil monopoly to continue instead of eliminating it. Establishing and maintaining monopoly is the core of fascism.

Nixon is considered to be a “conservative.” If the above examples are the actions of a “conservative,” then what can we expect of an openly liberal or socialist president?

Sadly, they all do it

I can make a similar list for most US presidents, most notably from TR forward.

“The Power”

Our governments’ policies are causing the breakdown within US society. US government policies are causing the wars, the unemployment, the welfare system, the industrial and service monopolies, the 1% idle rich, the Clash of Civilizations. US government policies are causing the huge deficits which will lead to hyper-inflation and then to depression – with the inevitable popular call for “security” through dictatorship. The government engineers the difficulties and then engineers the “fix,” always giving more power to “The Power.”

Emanating from the One World Government’s, UN’s Agenda 21 Commission, being installed now, throughout the US, is a system of Planning Commissions, Smart Growth and Land Use controls  “The Power’s” aim is to eliminate your individual property rights. This is no joke.

The next big grab after that will be for the guns. Watch for it! A prologue: a citizen won’t be able to get a driver’s license unless they turn in their guns, a citizen will be rewarded if they turn in other citizens with weapons, etc. We are relatively safe until we are disarmed, then, only the gangs and the criminals in government will be armed. Getting the guns, disarming the public, was one of the first things Hitler did.

How does this pertain to Detroit?

During the last banking crises, the Savings and Loan debacle of 2000, you could have gotten lots of land at cheap prices. In fact, I remember one transaction where a bank was willing to sell an entire block of Boston for what is an average years salary. Boston did not fall into the bay and neither will Detroit fall into the great lake. Detroit will come back and the land will be worth much more than the amount paid today. But you needn’t wait for a future price appreciation. Lots/houses can be gotten at substantial discounts now and resold for profit or rented out.

It is governments yo-yoing of the economy, inflating, deflating, inflating, deflating, allowing its friends to take advantage, bankrupting US, that has caused the problems. Detroit is no different than San Bernardino or Stockton, both of which recently went bankrupt. These cities are no different from cities going bankrupt from Alabama to Pennsylvania to Rhode Island.

New land grabbing concerns are springing up. Groups with lots of money are buying the tax auctioned properties for pennies. They had been concentrating on farmlands but now it seems that the opportunity presents to own large swaths of urban property. Then they will be in even more control than they are now. These large land grabbing entities will be the land monopolies of tomorrow. Take it to the bank, go where the big money is investing. The big money is investing in tax delinquent property.


Now is the time to get property at extraordinarily low prices. I believe that hyperinflation will come before the depression. “The Power” is determined to inflate US out of this mess. That is the policy, take advantage of it.

Coach Mitch’s “Ridiculously Simple System…” ™ is a great way to get property at extraordinarily low prices. Because of the low prices, often, a bank mortgage is not necessary. Tax delinquents want out. Control the property with Coach Mitch’s famous $1 Option.”™, and then sell it for a profit.

When you buy property for 10%-30% of its FMV, current Fair Market Value, then it is almost impossible to lose. Coach Mitch’s “Ridiculously Simple System…”™ is the system to locate these properties.

G-d Bless US,

Mitchell Goldstein - Coach Mitch
518-439-6100 until midnight EST

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