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Signs work

Look in the exterior sidebar. See the picture of a sign. It reads: “Why Rent? 100% Financing, No Down Payment, 439-6100.” I have used this sign many times. Each time I have a property for sale, I display this sign prominently – and the phone rings. At a minimum, this sign has always generated at least one or two calls a day. The sign has paid for itself many times. It cost me $90, about 7 years ago. It will probably cost about $150 today.

The leads are good

The leads that come from this sign are very good because the prospect is driving by your house. If they are calling, it usually means that they currently live nearby or that they desire to live in the area by your house. The prospect has seen the house and is impressed enough that they have called. If they did not like the house, then the prospect would probably not have called.

Offer a reward on your flyer

I usually pass out flyers in the surrounding neighborhood about the property. I offer a $300 REWARD to anyone who finds me a buyer. If a neighbor drives by, they will see the sign and feel that the property is in play. People often wish that a friend or relative lived nearby. If grandma were to live nearby, this could be mom’s chance to have a reliable babysitter.

They think, “Grandma’s been saying that she wanted to move. It would be great if she could get this house and I could sure use that $300 reward! I better call grandma now, before it’s taken.” The neighbor feels that they had better tell their friend or their relative about the home quickly, because they believe the sign will bring a lot of attention – and it does.

The sign pays for itself

If you are interested in creating this kind of sign for your business, then look in the Yellow Pages under “Signs.” I had a banner made up with a vinyl backing and with vinyl letters. The banner is 2 ½’ x 5′. Important: Create a hem at the top and at the bottom of the banner. Make the hem big enough so a piece of flat molding can be slid into the hem. The wood gives the banner rigidity and keeps it straight. With the molding in the hem, the banner does not flap in the wind. I can screw, nail, or tie the banner onto the house or a fence or fasten the banner to stakes in the ground.

FREE 18″ x 24″ signs

I wrote a few blogs on how you can get FREE signs and utilize them to promote your message.

The signage will produce calls

When someone calls, take control of the conversation. My first question is, “On which house did you see the sign?” The prospect usually asks, “You mean that you have more than one house for sale?” “Yes,” I say. “What are you looking for; 3 BR’s or 4?” …


Prospects always ask about the financing. In fact, the “100% Financing and No Down Payment” is the reason that they called. Especially now, when regular bank financing is so hard to get, it is important that you are able to offer prospects the possibility that you will act as the bank.

Dealing in tax delinquent property allows you to have the potential to find many properties where the owner can give you a very good price. You can afford to act as the bank if you have purchased the property at a very low amount. If you get a very good price then you can offer the property at a good price. If you act as the bank, people will pay a higher price because, often, they cannot get regular bank financing.

You can be the bank, carry the note, and get a nice Monthly Cash Flow. You can also sell the note. I will purchase it. In this way, you can Get Cash Now. You can rent out the property and Cash Out Later when you sell the property. Sweet.

The big idea is to have the tools that will make you profitable. Signs are a tool that makes profits. Coach Mitch’s “Ridiculously Simple System…”™ should be considered as a tool – and it definitely makes you profits.

See Coach Mitch’s “Ridiculously Simple System…”™ for details.

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