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These days, your constitutional right to your property is under attack all around the country.

When the country was formed,the Framers said explicitly, that the reason for governments to exist is to defend a citizens “life, liberty and property” from those who have done a citizen harm. The definition of what is “harmful” and what to do about it, is not always clear.

In several different places, the Constitution requires that private property be defended.

To “defend” is a defensive act, a response to an act first committed by someone else.  To “protect” is an offensive act, it presupposes an action and tries to prevent it from happening.  This sounds good, and is smart because it anticipates the bad so as to stop it.  However, the reality is that men, when given power, will always exploit it and go too far.  This is the problem and there is no stopping it.

Because of the truth that men will always overreach, our basic rights to property are coming square up against the way governments are “protecting” citizens from “unfair practices.” It is under the rubric of “consumer protection” that all manner of government intrusion is foisted upon us, “for our own good.”

Since WWII, government interference in our lives has become overwhelming. The government is supposed to defend a citizen’s property from theft. Well understood by the founders is that governments have been the greatest thieves in the history of the world; and the stronger the government, the greater the theft.

Unconstitutional taxation is legalized theft.

The idea that government law often is theft is little understood by the general public. Governments just pass a law and if citizens lose some sort of value, then it is justified by the alleged need. But it is still theft, never-the-less, because no compensation was given to those who were dispossessed of their property, often without consultation. And forget a “thank you for donating your property.”

Zoning laws are a good example of government theft.

While some zoning regulation can be justified, the current over reach is hurting citizens. For instance, you cannot put up a fence of your choice or you cannot color your property as you wish. Our guaranteed right to individuality is being replaced by mandated “politically correct” conformity.

Real estate investing is under attack in many states. The attacks are not just in the northeastern, liberal states like New York and Maryland but also in supposedly conservative South Carolina and Texas. Many other states are looking at laws to curtail real estate investing or have it operate in a manner acceptable to government.

In NY, “The Equity Theft Prevention Act” , S4744:

This law mandates that anyone who is 60 days late in a mortgage payment now falls into a protected class. The property need not be in foreclosure, just late. At that point, the law states that owners cannot sell their property for the amount that they wish but rather, must sell for a government mandated amount. The amount is so high that it almost certainly eliminates most buyers.

Though not mentioned explicitly, tax delinquents are included under this law, according to the Senate staff who drafted this law.

The effect of this law is that persons in financial hardship have almost no alternatives to relieve themselves of their difficult situation. The banks are the only winners. They will achieve the wind-fall profits that will occur when they take over the property and resell it.

Perhaps that is what was planned all along?

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