"The Formula"

Coach Mitch’s “The Formula”                     $27  ebook

This product grew out of Coach Mitch’s first real estate project.  “The Formula” is a negotiators dream.

“The Formula” takes you. point by point, through a process which helps an owner to sell at the price you need so you can attain the profit you desire.

Included are 103 pointed questions which go into every aspect of the property and its expenses.  The explanation of questioning techniques work to allow the seller to easily receive your rational for lowering the price to a level that you can accept.

Included is the copyrighted formula form in Word and PDF format.  This tool is meant for use when speaking to a seller over the telephone. “The Formula” can be automated in Excel format so figures can be changed and running totals can be tallied, allowing the negotiation to be even more effective.

In the end, you will be able to declare a price and be able to justify it.  The seller will certainly understand how you came to your figure.

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