Coach Mitch’s "Ridiculously Simple System…"

Coach Mitch’s “Ridiculously Simple System…”         $297

The complete system with all the manuals and tools necessary to learn how to invest in tax delinquent property, before, during and after the tax auction.

Coach Mitch’s Tax Delinquent Property Ridiculously Simple System…”

A 5 Step real estate investing system that works in hot/cold/sideways markets.

  1. Determine where you want to invest, in the US or possessions.
  2. Get the tax delinquent databases of property at risk in that area.
  3. Choose the properties you want.  Only $1 to $5K to own/control.
  4. Have highly motivated tax delinquent sellers contact you.
  5. Make a “Ridiculous” offer and close, often at <25% of FMV.

The Perfect Real Estate Investing system

1   Work with the most motivated of all motivated sellers.

An owner about to lose their free and clear property to the tax auction is very motivated.

2   Work with sellers who have lots of equity.

40% – 50% of auctioned tax delinquent property is free and clear.

3   Identifies Sellers who are WILLING to sell very cheap – very motivated.

4   Identifies Sellers who are ABLE to give their property away – those with lots of equity.

Very little money needed to own or control – only $1 to $5K.

6   Guaranteed profits.  Don’t even look at anything less than 200% profit.

7   Lots of leads, tax delinquent data base is 20 times bigger than foreclosures.

8   Loans available.  Investment to Value is low – 5% to 30% max 50%.

9   No credit needed.

10 Very little competition.  Brand new, unknown system.

11 System works anywhere, anytime, good or bad economy.

In a good economy great deals are harder to find, but easier to sell.

In a bad economy super great deals are easy to find, but take longer to sell.

12 Property available anywhere in US and Possessions.

Choose where you want to invest.

13 The biggest database of property at risk 33MM > 60 MM properties.

A database of highly motivated sellers actually exists.

14 No lawyers, no banks, no real estate agents, no competition.

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