About Coach Mitch

Coach Mitch

Mitchell Goldstein is a long time real estate investor, specializing in tax delinquent property. Coach Mitch coaches students in his Ridiculously Simple System…” for investing in tax delinquent property.  Consider calling as a favorite Coach Mitch activity is speaking about real estate investing.

Mitchell Goldstein

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84 Jefferson Road, Glenmont, NY 12077-3319

Mitchell Goldstein is a self made person.  With an entrepreneurial spirit, he was the leading salesperson with several organizations.  He has been in business as a financial councilor, with licenses in securities and insurance, has done credit restoration and mortgages.  Mitchell started a prosperous Bagel Brokerage firm from scratch which gave him the time to study real estate investing which has become his passion.

Back in 1985-6, during a very “hot” market, the first real estate project Mitchell attempted showed an understanding of marketing and sales psychology.  Mitchell made 900 telephone calls, in 20 evenings and found a seller desperate to be out of their property and their situation. “The Formula” is the program that emerged from that project, which netted $35K in a single transaction.

Mitchell became very involved in the local REIA, Real Estate Investor’s Association, serving on the board of directors and as president for over 10 years.  Mentoring skills were honed by the many wannabe members who needed focus and direction.

Viewing a property prior to a tax auction, Mitchell negotiated with the owner of the property.  He discovered the tactic of dealing with owners prior to the tax auction and developed his Ridiculously Simple System…” Coach Mitch tried to buy for a ridiculously low amount, and for those who wanted a higher price, Coach Mitch’s famous $1 Option was developed as a way to control property.  Coach Mitch has been involved in many hundred’s of transactions, having taken control of one property per day and closing on a property each  week.

Mitchell became a coach because people wanted an experienced voice to call upon when trying to deal with tax delinquents.  Mitchell’s favorite activity is speaking about real estate investing, so call, and discuss the potential of dealing in tax delinquent property – “a safe and easy way to invest in property.”