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Editor’s Note: I speak with quite a few REI wannabe’s who would love nothing better than to be successful real estate investors. They see a real estate related TV program or listen to a REI guru’s presentation and see themselves doing the same thing, that is to say: find a great deal and go directly to the bank and cash the profit check.

These wannabe’s really want to be doing something that will make BIG money, and they really want to be doing something other than their current J.O.B. i.e. Just Over Broke! They want their family to think of them with pride. They want to be like Donald Trump, i.e., they want “The American Dream.” They search the internet, come across my name and give me a call.

The calls are all very similar. They all want something better and hope to find that my way of doing things, my system, will provide their path forward. They all state that they are committed to “doing whatever it takes” to succeed. You should hear how determined they sound when speaking about their desire to succeed.

I spend a good deal of time with each person. I explain the positives of investing in tax delinquent property and I express some of my reservations. At the end of the call, they must decide if they will move forward. Typically, they choose to not take on a positive future. Why?

They must overcome fear

Almost all are gripped by fear; that ever present Fear Of Failure, which is an epidemic in America. Immigrants are the part of the population that has the least fear. They usually come from a part of the world where opportunity is very limited. That they made it to America shows the kind of determination needed to succeed.

All will agree that my program makes sense, that they can see how it works and why it will be successful. However, they are afraid. But what are they afraid of? If they try my program, or anyones program, and they don’t succeed, then they will have failed, again. I am convinced that they are afraid of having to admit to themselves that they are not good enough. This is a harsh truth.

Worse. They ask themselves, “If I can’t be successful at this attempt, will I ever be successful at anything that will get me out of my J.O.B.?” “OMG, what will the wife say if I blow some more money on some idea that I don’t succeed at?” I better wait until I find something that is a sure thing. I’ll keep looking for the next shiny object. And they move on. Their dream postponed but not crushed, because they didn’t step up to the plate and swing. They did not overcome their fear, rather, they gave in to their fear.

John, a wannabe, sent me a letter expressing his regret at not taking my course and coaching. I wrote him back – see below. I hope the message will resonate with all of you who are dreaming of becoming Donald Trump.


Dear John,

Thank you for your heartfelt letter in which you acknowledge that you hesitate employing my real estate investing program because of the overshadowing specter of fear. Your letter touched me as fear represents the biggest stumbling block to the vast majority of persons who desire to better themselves.

Fear of the unknown, and particularly, the fear of failure, is a very common plight. I feel fear myself, every day, so I do understand. Different things make us fearful. For instance, I cannot see myself working with the handicapped, as you do.

I am filled with trepidation thinking how I might hurt someone or do something to set them back in their training and, G-d forbid, disable them further. I just spoke with another person whose daughter is hearing handicapped. Even with special schools, at age 12, she is just beginning to form words. What if I did something to further stunt her ability to speak? How do I live with that? I think you perform miracles. I wish blessings on you for your dedication to the neediest amongst us.

Fear is everywhere. I do not like doing cold call marketing, yet I know that it is effective. Without exception, when I force myself to cold call, I always make sales. Yet, I almost never cold call.

It is the same with exercise. I am slowly letting myself decay,  even though knowing that exercising 30 minutes a day would eventually allow me to be fit and very healthy. What’s wrong with me? Don’t I value myself? Don’t I see what is really important? Do I really want to die young and in pain?

Yes, I see the wrong, the error, but I’m human, indulgent in some things but committed and capable in others – just like you.

I have created a real estate investing system that works. You’ve expressed you believe this is so. However, only you can force yourself to do what is necessary to achieve the goal. You cannot do the diet and exercise for me, just as I cannot force you to work my real estate investing system for your and your families benefit.

We are both grown men and we both understand the consequences of our actions, or, in this case, our lack of action. The only difference is that, years ago, I dedicated myself to working my real estate investing system and it created a financial benefit. You chose another route; one which gives great emotional reward but not as great financial reward. This can change. You can have both.

I have helped many, many folks who have wanted to do real estate investing. I retired early, because I could. I have been retired for many years. I have rentals and other real estate assets which have permitted me, for decades, to not have to work at gainful employment. I live off of investments earned through this program. I work the program with students, hand in hand. We are active when economic times are rough and are also active when economic times are better. It doesn’t matter because there are always people who get into financial trouble and who need help. Therefore, the time to start is right now – today, provided you can overcome your fear.

You can do the same as I. If you engage my coaching program, then you will do transactions more quickly and more safely. However, you can do this program alone, the manuals show the way, step by step. Spend $297 for the program and see.

Your only decision is to actually decide. Decide if you will work the program. Decide that you will not give up. Decide. Then, when you have made up your mind, call me and we will get started.

You may want to work another real estate investing program. That is fine. All the programs work, if you work the program. It would be best if you had a mentor, but you will do just fine – if you decide to work the program.

What others have done with their real estate investing experience should be of no concern to you. In your profession, it does not impact any particular patient if another patient failed or succeeded in their treatment. I understand that we gain confidence from the success of others, but if you take the attitude that you will continue working the program, no matter what, then you will eventually overcome all, no matter what others have done.

Certainty creates courage. Decide.

Best regards,
Coach Mitch


I hope this resonates with you. If you have an interest in real estate, please call and let’s discuss your future. Or, if you’d rather, get the course. I’ve priced it low enough. See Coach Mitch’s “Ridiculously Simple System…” ™ for details.

G-d Bless US

Mitchell Goldstein - Coach Mitch
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