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(Editor’s note) This is a typical Notice announcing a tax auction

Bonner County Daily Bee July 3, 2014


Per Idaho Code §63-1005 (1) If real property on which there is a delinquency is not redeemed within three (3) years from the date of delinquency, the county tax collector of the county wherein such property is situated must make, in favor of the county, a tax deed for such property. Furthermore per Idaho Code §31-808 – The Board of County Commissioners shall conduct an auction no later than fourteen (14) months from the issuance of tax deed.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Bonner County Commissioners will, on the 16th day of July 2014 at the hour of 11:00 o’clock am at the Bonner County Administration Building Conference Room located at 1500 Hwy 2, in the City of Sandpoint, Idaho offer for sale at public auction provided by section §31-808, Idaho Code, and sell to the highest bidder for cash the following described real property:

RP55N01W083801A MINIMUM BID: $816.35

See the story: NOTICE of Tax Sale


Coach Mitch’s REFLECTIONS™

The Story:

One day, you (the White Knight), are sitting in Shangri-La, (your castle) and read in your newspaper that another man’s castle (Mr. Prince) is being invaded by The Big Bad Meanie, (Government) for non-payment of tribute (property taxes) as demanded by The Big Bad Meanie. Understanding the situation, you reflect –

The philosophical question?

One might ask: “What is going on here?”

1. The underlying idea is that man has inherent rights which cannot be infringed by others, nor by government. We willingly ask government to help us in our innate right to self-defense, including the right to defend our Property.

2. A tax on property is levied and some say that such a tax is not constitutional, nor proper.  As The Federalist maintains, government’s proper role is to defend a person’s life, liberty and property against attack, especially an attack from government.

3. It is argued that Private Property (a man’s castle) is immune from taxation and therefore the government (Those Big Bad Meanies), is not constitutionally able to take Private Property from its owner for non-payment of taxes, even via something labeled as “due process.” The Federal and State Constitution’s govern the actions of government, (The Big Bad Meanies) not The People.

4. The government is forcibly taking this Person’s (private) Property, utilizing Mao’s dictum: “Power comes from the barrel of a gun.”

5. How can a government defend property from a thief when that thief is the government itself? (The Big Question) The Law

6. The Big Bad Meanie maintains that the property is subject to its taxation.

7. Question: Is Privately Owned Property the proper target for taxation? Some argue persuasively that to tax private property is to enact a plan whereby government makes the taxes on property so onerous that they cannot be paid. Then the Big Bad Meanies can take the property and previous owners are beholden to The Big Ban Meanie for shelter and other means of survival.

Fact: Ownership is paramount to humankind and necessary to freedom. The struggle for improvement is directly linked to ownership and control of property. Power is also directly linked to controlling property. All forms of Socialism stress that the government (The Big Bad Meanie) owns or controls all property and in this manner it controls humans and human activity. Control is taken in the name of helping people for their own good, but the real reason is that government officials can become as G-ds. Ego is all encompassing. Power corrupts and evil men tend to seek power. Character counts, therefore, only moral men should be voted into office.

8. Since a tax on private property is not proper and any claim of due process edifying the tax is not constitutional, therefore, the property tax is not legal, despite any law The Big Bad Meanie’s enact.

9. When the Big Bad Meanies take Private Property for unpaid taxes and then sell it at auction, they are selling stolen property and the buyer is receiving stolen property.

10. For a society to move forward properly, two things must be in place:
a. The laws must be proper, i.e. based upon a freedom philosophy, with maximum deference given to an individual’s life, liberty and property,

b. The individuals must have and must exercise a proper respect and attitude toward proper law and toward fellow inhabitants, who themselves must show proper respect toward society.

11. Since all power comes from the people, government is mandated to only pass laws that responsibly carry out and defend the inherent rights of people. A responsible law is one that people can follow in good faith because it defends/enhances their freedom. An irresponsible law is not constitutional, nor legal, and therefore, it is the duty of judges and patriots to object.

The practical question.

If one were to ask, “How can I profit from the information in this NOTICE?” then some thoughts might be apparent.

1. Not paying the tax on land comes with a penalty.

2. The owner of the land has been warned that there are penalties at certain times.

3. If the taxes have not been paid after three years, then a tax deed is created.

4. If the taxes have not been paid after four years and two months, then a public auction is to be held to take the property to pay the taxes.

5. The owner knows that the property is behind in paying its property taxes.

6. The owner knows the penalty for not paying the property taxes.

7. The owners stress is highest at certain points:

a. Just after getting each yearly Tax Delinquent Notice,

b. Just prior to the tax deed being issued,

c. Just after getting the Notice that a tax deed has been issued,

d. Just prior to the end of the redemption time, i.e. 12 – 14 months,

e. Just after the property has been lost to the tax auction,

f. Just after the owner learns that you control the excess proceeds.

8. Your best chance at influencing the owner to sell cheap or to give you a $1 option against the property is at points 7a, 7b. 7c, and 7d.

9. If you (The White Knight) had purchased the property, then the owner (Mr. Prince) got some money, which is great!

10. If the owner had granted you Coach Mitch’s famous $1 Option.”™, then the owner’s chances of getting good news is greatest when you sold the property before the auction.

11. Because you had used Coach Mitch’s famous $1 Option.”™, if you had not sold the property prior to the tax deed auction, and after the property has been lost at the tax deed auction, then the owner’s stress is high upon learning that he is required to sign paperwork allowing you to claim the amount that was bid over the taxes owed, i.e. the excess proceeds from the auction.

12. Even if you had not sold the property and even after the property has been lost to the tax deed auction, the previous owner’s happiness is significant when you share some of the excess proceeds monies upon him signing your paperwork.

The Moral of the story:

Even when the Big Bad Meanie (Government) takes the owners (Mr. Prince) property, the White Knight (you) can provide a happy ending.

CM says: “Stress can create the opportunity for a happy ending.”

The Miscreant Political Class (The Big Bad Meanies) have created a mechanism (property taxes) to ensure their continued enrichment and control over The People.

Use Coach Mitch’s (a White Knight) famous $1 Option.”™ and see how you can become a White Knight by helping People slay the The Big Bad Meanie (The Dragon).


The Code of the White Knight is to be honest, forthright and have empathy. The Big Bad Meanies have hurt Mr. Prince and only the White Knight can help. As a White Knight, your obligation is to provide what Mr. Prince needs to move on with his life. A White Knight does not take undo advantage of a bad situation, but nor should you take on Mr. Prince’s problems. Because The Big Bad Meanies will not stop hurting people,  White Knights must also work to help promote the Lady, Justice, who will right any wrongs. White Knights and Lady Justice must join and ride into the sunset, dedicated to take on The Big Bad Meanies, wherever they are, so that we all may live happily ever after.

See Coach Mitch’s “Ridiculously Simple System…” ™ for details.

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