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Affirmations are a great tool

Any business is hard. There are many issues that we must overcome to be successful in a consistent way. Dealing with people who are behind in their property taxes takes a special talent. If you don’t think that you have all the talents necessary then one thing you can do is to make yourself believe that you do have the talents.

Fake it ‘till you Make it

The mind is a terrible thing to waste and we waste it by crowding it with defeatist thoughts. If you think that you can do something or you think that you cannot do something – you are correct.
We often doubt we can do something, but we force ourselves to do it and it usually turns out badly. Well, you knew it would. However, if we felt that we had a decent chance at success, then our attitude changes, we go about it with more confidence and typically, we get better results. It’s amazing how that works – virtually all the time.

Imagine if we forced ourselves to believe something. That belief makes us powerful, consistent, and able to overcome. We can literally walk on fire and come out unscathed.

Mind play

Rewording Wikipedia: In the arena of Positive Thinking, affirmations refer primarily to the practice of fostering a belief that a positive mental attitude will achieve success. An affirmation is a carefully crafted statement that should be repeated to one’s self and/or written down frequently. For an affirmation to be effective, it needs to be present tense, positive, personal and specific.

A good example

I was getting ready for an important negotiation. I said my affirmations for a full month in the shower each morning in preparation. “I will know what to say. I am confident. I will have exactly the right answer to every objection. I’m a winner…”

Just prior, I told my mother, “If we get this number, we’ll sell. OK?” My mother just looked at me incredulously, because my number was seven times her number.

The negotiation went all day. He was a terrific and successful businessman. Each time he had me on the ropes; from somewhere there came the strength to fight back. Each time he made a great point; from somewhere I had just the right rejoinder.

I gave in one major point right away. He asked, “Why did you give up so easily?” I said, “Because that was something that I would have wanted if positions were reversed. It makes sense that you should have it. But that also means that I expect you to give me something big later on that I want.” He just smiled. I had gained his respect. I felt it. And I did get something big later on – without a fight.

We had lunch, negotiated some more, had supper and shook hands on a really good deal. Even though we had opposed each other and there were moments of frustration, I don’t recall a bad word or a bit of temper. In the end, we got our number. I did this negotiation in front of my mother. I don’t know that I’ve ever been more proud.

On this day, the affirmations worked, to the tune of many hundreds of thousands!


Around 1975, a tooth started to ache. It was to be an eventful. I had to be at the top of my game and I had a toothache. I got angry and I said to myself, “Pain, get out of my head. I want you gone. Go.” Then I started walking in a big circle in my store and yelled out loud, “PAIN, GET OUT OF MY HEAD! PAIN, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” I did this for five minutes. I was crazed! And all of a sudden, the bad pain was gone. I had to check because I didn’t believe it – but, it was true, the pain was gone, and it didn’t come back.

I had discovered mind control. I have used this same pain management technique about six times; to be rid of two toothaches, two headaches and two headaches that started but left hurriedly after only about 15 seconds of ordering the pain to, “get out of my head.”

The mind fools us

In medicine, it is well known that, to be credible, tests should be double blind with a placebo. I spoke with a doctor who told me that in his research, 50% had the real pill and 50% the placebo. The doctor said that 50% of the placebo subjects swore that the placebo pill had cured their significant muscle and bone damage. If we want to believe – then we do.

We can fool the mind

I have used affirmations successfully. I strongly suggest that if you want to start a new habit, that you kick start yourself with affirmations.

Google “affirmations examples.” There are many sites that will give good examples. This is the first: More than 500 affirmations for a better life.


I constantly self-talk. I go over almost every sales conversation to see if I could have said something better. In this way, I am prepared for every eventuality. I am virtually never caught off guard. I have mentally prepared for every way a sales conversation can go. I am a hard closer, but I do it softly, like an assumed sale. I don’t give up and I don’t feel that I’m forcing myself on the other party. I have done so much self talk, going over situations, thinking of better ways to say things and more ideas to overcome a situation that I usually come up with something that rings a bell.

As a result of affirmations, my self-talk has been on automatic for decades, to such an extent that i feel myself shrugging off a “no” as if it didn’t exist. Like the Energizer Bunny, I just keep on going.

Affirmations are free, hard to start but easy to continue, they create confidence and provide great benefits. Affirmations are one of G-d’s great gifts to us, like exercise, studying and fruit. This is one of the tools that will make you the success that you and your family deserve.

A tax delinquent will not believe that you can fulfill your statements unless you believe that you can. You won’t believe that you can do this business unless you tell first tell yourself that you will be successful, that you will overcome, and that you will be the best you.

Affirmation rules to live by.

1. You do what your thoughts suggest.
2. You create a new belief system by changing your thoughts.
3. A single negative thought, fear or doubt can often shake your confidence so you must be diligent to tell the mind positive things.
4. It’s important to believe that you deserve what you want, and that because you deserve it, you will achieve the goal of your affirmation. It’s just wishful thinking unless you believe you are deserving.
5. To work, affirmations must become a part of your daily thinking if they are to be accepted by the mind as real.
6. Think of affirmations as a command to the mind. Use phrases that command the mind, e.g. I will do…, I can handle…, I am able…, I overcome all…, I’m confident that…, I see…, I feel…, I hear…, I touch…, I speak…, I make…, I do…, etc.
7. Affirmations must be stated in a positive way for the mind to change a habit.
8. Negative words don’t work to change a habit in a positive way. Never use negative words in an affirmation. Don’t use: no, not, don’t, won’t, can’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t, etc. Example: Bad = “I won’t stutter anymore.” Good = “I speak with confidence. People can understand me. I am at ease when I speak.”
9. Be sure to recite the affirmations at least once per day.
10. The more you recite your affirmations the better.
11. Doing more than six affirmations per day could be counter-productive.
12. Think about what you want and build a positive affirmation around that want.
13. Affirmations should be short and precisely aimed at only one desired result.
14. One tactic is to reduce the end result of a desired big project into its component parts and do an affirmation on the next part in the project. Upon a successful completion, move to the next part in the project, e.g. Break your Project into Parts, example 10, then break the Parts into Pieces, example 10 each, then make an affirmation for Piece #1 and when achieved, make an affirmation for Piece #2.
15. You can project affirmations into the future, e.g. “Piece #1 is working well and is going to be on schedule. I anticipate Piece #2 will work fine.”
16. List the personal issues you have, then create an affirmation which overcomes each personal issue, e.g. If you believe it’s hard to make yourself do cold calls, then say, “I like speaking to people. People like speaking to me.” etc
17. List a belief or an assumption you have, then create an affirmation which overcomes that belief or assumption, e.g. If you think people don’t like you right away, then create an affirmation which overcomes that belief or assumption, e.g. “People like me. I make people feel comfortable. People feel a warm glow when I’m around.” etc.
18. One good practice is to recite your affirmations during a situation that you do consistently. I did my affirmations during my morning routine, e.g. while showering, brushing teeth, etc.
19. A good habit is to recite your affirmations during exercise.
20. During exercise, doing an affirmation about the exercise will help in doing more exercise as the mind is telling the body that it can do more, e.g. On the treadmill I said, “I can run. This is fun. Run, run, run. Son-of-a-gun, I’m having fun. I can run, like a bullet from a gun. I like to run. I’m losing a ton because I run. Fun, fun, fun…” etc. I did 50% more exercise when doing the affirmation.
21. If doing the affirmation in a sing-song manner it will go easier, it will be more fun, you will concentrate more, and you will be able to remember a longer series of affirmations.
22. Have fun with affirmations. Anything that is fun is easier to do, especially over a long period.

Just do it.

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