Coach Mitch is the Brad Pitt of Tax Delinquent Property investing. Post 200

Coach Mitch’s REFLECTIONS™

The one thing I know for sure, beyond any speculation, is that, we still can make our fortune in America — if we do the right things, in the right way and at the right time.

When you look around, the possibilities abound, for each of US. The most important thing to do is to pick something and do it. That will lead to another thing to do, and another, and another. Eventually, if you stick with it, you will see some good result. The odds are with you.

But, you don’t have to work so hard, rather, work smart.

Stack the deck

Don’t leave things to chance. Think your goal through, determine what you need and figure out how to get it. Whatever your goal, to achieve it, do what you need to do or go where you need to go.

If you want to marry a rich man, go where the rich men are – at the country club.

A famous bank robber said he robs banks, “Because that’s where the money is.”

Example: You want to have a relationship with a pretty girl.

You can stand on a corner and ask every pretty girl that walks by if they will kiss you? You will get many strange looks, a few slaps, you may even be questioned by a policeman, but he will understand and move on. Eventually, some pretty girl will think it a lark and she will kiss you – and probably post the pictures on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Presuming this was not a fraternity initiation; the odds are that this girl could be a match for you. The proof is that you are both a bit adventurous. And, if she liked how you kissed, who knows where it could lead.

The Point:   A strategy can lead to something good – if you do it right.

Let’s stack the deck

Let’s say that you placed an announcement in Cosmo saying that Brad Pitt was going to be in Times Square and would kiss any girl that wanted to kiss Brad Pitt. The odds are probably pretty good that you’d have a crowd of women that would rival New Year’s Eve?

Real Estate

It’s the same with real estate investing; you have to stack the deck and then just keep doing something good until you get the result you deserve.

Let’s stack the real estate deck

I think tax delinquent property is the Brad Pitt of real estate investing choices.

1. You can invest anywhere with US law; the entire US or the territories.
2. There are huge public databases of properties at risk available to you.
a. 40% – 80% of properties going to tax auction are free and clear.
3. You can select which properties you like because there are so many.
4. You can market to those properties.
5. You can negotiate a transaction and close.
6. You can reward yourself.
7. You can do it over and over again.

Fact:  40% to 80% of properties going to tax deed auction are free and clear.

Because such a high percentage of the tax delinquent properties are free and clear, you can “stack the deck.”

Go where the great property deals are.

Forgo other methods and limit yourself to seeking databases of tax delinquent properties.

By narrowing your focus to where the great deals are, it will tremendously increase your odds of getting one of those great deals. That’s because a high percentage of the tax delinquent owners have no mortgage to pay off and can sell the property for any price they wish.

Why will tax delinquents sell low?

Tax delinquents owners have tried to sell, they’ve tried to refinance or to borrow from friends and relatives. They failed. That’s all they know to do. As a result tax delinquents are, “The most motivated of all motivated sellers”™

Dealing in tax delinquent property is the equivalent of Brad Pitt being your roommate. You are hanging around in the right place – eventually, something good is going to happen to you!

To enhance your odds, see Coach Mitch’s “Ridiculously Simple System…” ™ng> for details.

Go for it.

Mitchell Goldstein - Coach Mitch
518-439-6100 until midnight EST

2 comments to Coach Mitch is the Brad Pitt of Tax Delinquent Property investing. Post 200

  • Juan Moises Mejia

    My Testimonial regarding Mitch Goldstein’s Tax Liens/Deeds Coaching program

    I bought Mitch Goldstein Tax Lien Course two months ago and found his material very complete and very detail oriented.
    He support was amazing. Any question that I have, I just call him and he got his immediately reponse.
    I have been working with several Real Estate Coach Professionals before and in addition to their high cost of the material they never have the time to support you.
    Mitch has a well-deserved reputation for it expertise, support, and professionalism in all stages of the Tax Lien/Tax Deed process.
    Just to mention my last experience with him, he just spend 1 hour and a half explaining me through my computer step by step about how to find and analyze the information from the Hillsborough Court Clerk at Tampa Florida.
    I would be very happy to give anyone interested in the Tax Liens and Tax Dees Investments to recommend him.
    His in depth KNOW HOW and support, place him in an enviable position as a Real Estate Coach.

    Juan Moises Mejia
    Tampa, FL

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