The county steals tax delinquent property – from itself. Post 167

Michigan County Treasurer Overruled In Refusal To Give City Right To Buy Tax-Foreclosed Lots At Cost

REJournalOnline’s Tax Deeds Investment Newsletter April 8th, 2011

Richard F. Brzezinski wanted to get as much money out of each property tax foreclosure in his county as possible. Unfortunately, this brought him directly up against the his own city government and the Bay County treasurer has been overruled and ordered to sell tax-foreclosed property to the City of Bay City at cost rather than take the properties to auction to garner more money for the local government[1]. Brzezinski argued that the city could not be using the land to generate tax revenue and, therefore, should have to buy the properties it wanted at auction like any other investor. However, a state Court of Appeals has ruled differently, stating that a simple desire to put the land to “public use” is sufficient to require the sale prior to the auction. The city has not stated what it plans to do with the properties, which it is essentially buying at a steep discount since tax auction prices tend to go over just the cost of the fees on the property.

In this case, the law seems pretty clear that if the city wants the land, it is going to get it. Do you think that local governments should have “first crack” at tax-foreclosure properties or does this open up the entire process to corruption?

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The Treasurer is right

In this case, the treasurer is trying to maximize the monies to the county budget.  If some investor wants the parcel and is willing to pay more for it than what the county is paying, then why shouldn’t the higher price win out?  It seems like straight line logic to me.

Government has the power

The government has the power to do what it wants, and so it does.  Judges can cloak their decisions using any kind of logic they want.  There are many cases on either side of any argument.  That is why it is well known that you cannot count on a Judge to follow president; because he can find any president that he wishes at that moment.  On the same set of facts, the judge can rule This Way on Monday, That Way on Tuesday, The Other Way on Wednesday, and Another Wrong Way on Thursday, etc.  All the rulings are valid.

Government believes itself the “answer”

It is interesting how government always gives itself the benefit of the doubt; in this case, judges, when it is plain that most of our problems come as a result of government interference and then government “fixes” which only serve to make things worse.

Government is the biggest thief in all history, as they can and do legally steal. There is no doubt that some “taken” lands will go to a good purpose, but there is also no doubt that some “taken” lands will go to “preferred” investors. Bribery was invented by politicians who want to be paid for their influence.

Political bribery and payoffs happen on a continual basis, just as sure as the sun rises and sets. Anything that helps it along, like this judicial decision, is wrong headed and will do harm, which government will then try to “fix.”

Oh well, same crap, different day

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