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Not all systems are good.

Think about this idea for a minute. How often do we give in to bad behavior that we know is not good, but we do it anyway.

Our brain and persona are comfortable with our bad behavior. We have internalized (systematized) our bad habits until we no longer even think about them. We just do them by rote as if they are the best thing for us to do.

Our emotions would not know what to do with themselves if we were to be disciplined and not snack after 7 PM, if we did not drive too fast, if we actually did our homework or our chores, or if we did not gossip, etc.

All behavior works within a system

We choose which Systems we wish to follow. To be effective, we must decide if we will actually do something to implement a new system. This begins with determining to change our behavior.

To improve, we must go from being frustrated – to taking positive actions.

In real estate investing, all the Systems work. Some Systems work better than others. Some people are better suited to a certain type of real estate investing System which best brings out their particular natural talents.

For instance, a person with mechanical abilities will be very well suited to rehabilitate homes; a person who is a successful salesperson would be better suited to negotiating. We can all paint a bit and we all can hammer a nail, just as we can all negotiate – a bit; but some of us are better at it than others.

Profits follow Practice

We must practice in order to get better at the skills at which we are not naturally gifted.

  • The more we practice, the better we get.
  • The better we get, the easier the transaction.
  • The easier the transaction, the more often we have transactions.
  • And the more often we have transactions, the better they get.
  • And, the better the transaction, the greater the profits.
  • The greater the profits, the more your family loves you and you become more confident.
  • The more you are loved and the more confident you are, the greater our chances of performing good works – the real measure of our existence.

See Coach Mitch’s “Ridiculously Simple System…” ™ for details.

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