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A Question

In post #142, I answered a student’s question. This is a follow-up.

Mitch you are the best, thanks a million. would you by any chance have some recordings of you talking/negotiating with sellers so we can hear it live how this works etc?l

The Answer

While I appreciate the request, please understand that people expect privacy, especially in transactions where they are disadvantaged. If you were the seller, would you like such a conversation to be made public?

The goal is to be the person that the seller wants you to be, so that he can feel good when giving you his property at a low price. This takes an understanding of that individual and what motivates him. It is absolutely not a cookie cutter situation. Each person is unique and they must be treated as such. We can speak about sales techniques in generalities, but, to be effective, you must develop the skills to know what to say, how to say it, what the body language should say, and most important, how to evoke the feelings that you want felt.

Please read my blog posts. I continually say that folks must be treated with respect, with empathy, with genuineness. Try to help someone and be creative about it so that you can earn a profit. That is what creates a win-win situation.

My coaching program is the vehicle that will get you into master negotiation mode, including how to put together a winning offer. Anyone can find a motivated seller. That is easy. What do you do next is the real question. Why should that seller sell to you at that low price?  What makes you different from the last person who tried to buy? Why didn’t he sell to that person? BTW, that’s a “smart question.” The answer will give good data.

Recording calls

BTW, you should be recording your calls to prospects.  It is a terrific learning device. In this manner you will be able to listen to your verbiage, your mannerisms, the reactions of the prospect, how clear you sound, how confident you sound, how intelligent you sound, if you are showing off, if you are bullying the prospect, if you are off-putting, how the prospect reacts to any of your statements, your attempts at humor, your compliments, how well you diffuse a tense situation, etc.

Listen, try to read the signals, be human, try to give the seller what he needs – not what he wants, but what he needs.

Consider calling. It appears you have real interest and it seems that you understand concepts. What a good start to work from.

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