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The sky is falling! Just look at all the houses for sale. See the falling prices! Feel the pain! The prediction for next year is “more of the same.” No one is safe.


Parents are losing jobs as employers lay off workers. Banks close and money has gone from easily available to almost not available. Even venerable American Express is starting to call loans on the credit cards of good payers.

People are human

People are so very predictable. Everyone is pointing the finger at one another demanding someone to blame. That’s only natural. But it does no good. How can it? How does knowing that the president of Country Wide has lost his job help you keep yours? The momentary perverse pleasure that “he” got his does nothing to pay your mortgage.

Alan Greenspan saw the writing on the wall and left Ben Bernanke to take the fall. And Ben, no one’s fool, certainly knew the financial future when he took the job as Fed Chairman.

I’m certain Ben does not want to be remembered as the Captain of the Titanic. He has been and will continue to flood the country with liquidity. That is what will allow US to continue. Hoorah for unbaked currency and printing presses. I’m not even sure that inflation will be rampant because the depressed housing prices might work to offset it. You see, there is a silver lining in every dark cloud.

The sky will not fall – yet

I predict that the financial crises and the housing crises will certainly take its toll but that it will not last as long nor be as fatal as everyone is now predicting.There will be shake out, to be sure. The unprepared and the foolish will be harmed. However, now is not yet the time for the world depression. That will be left for another day.

A prediction for when the sky will fall

Those who run the world are not yet prepared for the US to fall. Americans still have too much fight in US. And, don’t forget, by a single Supreme Court vote, we still have our guns. We are relatively safe as long as we are an armed nation. Slavery for US will happen when they outlaw our ability to defend ourselves. Can you imagine, four Justices of the Supreme Court feel that US citizens do not have the right to self-defense? Absurd.

This is no small issue

In several different places, the Constitution of the US requires that the federal government defend a citizen’s right to “life, liberty, and property.” History showed The Founders that any people denied these essentials evolved into an enslaved society. Any government that did deny life, liberty, and property, was a government seeking more – power.

Life, liberty, property

Can anyone deny that the right to life itself is being disallowed to those who are unborn? In America today, there are so many life altering regulations that an unfettered Life is denied to those not willing to bribe officials to get contracts or those unable to “go along to get along.” Every day, in every way, our Life is being constricted. Even our ability to defend our life is hanging by only one Supreme Court vote.

Only the self-deluded will deny that our liberty has been consistently constrained. The proofs are all around US from traffic laws which have turned into a taxing vehicle to the unPatriot Act.

And there is no denying how our property rights have been steadily eroded. From zoning regulations to environmental laws; from expanding the 5th Amendment’s Eminent Domain reach, to regulating every part of construction, every material, and nearly every action on our property, so that the very meaning of ‘ownership’ has dissolved. The essence of fascism is that we “own” our property because we have a deed, but the government controls our property by regulating it.

I’m not bitter – I am knowledgeable

Being a student of history, I have seen much direct action by our governments, all aimed at constricting liberty. Someday, the proverbial “straw” will have broken the spirit of US. At that moment, our freedom will hang on the fact of whether we are armed or if we are not. If we are disarmed, government will simply round US up, at 3 AM, just like the Gestapo and KGB did, and take US away, never to be seen again; and those who ask about it, may themselves never be heard from again. There are already 31 camps set up as “detention centers”, typically on military installations.

Understand, the main reason to be armed is so that we can defend ourselves against the greatest thief in all of history – government.

This is our future – guaranteed

When? Anytime time they want after they have disarmed US.

What can we do? Two things

1 Read the “The Law” by Fredric Bastiat. It is the best 60 pages I have ever read explaining how and why men insinuate themselves over other men. Then, join a freedom movement.

2 Call Coach Mitch and speak to him about freeing yourself by becoming independently wealthy using his Ridiculously Simple System to buy Tax Delinquent Property.

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Prepare yourself, no kidding around,

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