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Istanbul – Where to Invest and Why?

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Investors Hungry For a Slice of Brazil.

Property in Phuket – Investors Turn to the East.


Do you want to know where to invest?

Just ask the Mirror.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

Where’s the fairest place of all – to invest?”

“Why – anywhere you can get a great deal, isn’t that obvious?”

“Of course, I should have known that was the answer.”

“But, fair mirror, one more question please.

Where are the problems, the obstacles, and the sleaze?”

“Only in your head, investor sir.

For therein reside all the boundaries that threaten you and yours

from gaining access to life’s bounty, charm, and vigor.”

“Mirror, mirror, may I ask

if you think that fortunes bask

on foreign shores? Indeed, I ask

is now the time to plunge into unknown places

whose laws I do not know,

whose customs I do not share,

whose language I can not fathom?

Oh mirror do I dare?”

“And Mirror, let us not forget

that the mighty US dollar

is in free fall and will fetch only 50%”

And perhaps most important of all to consider;

how can I manage due diligence, prey tell?

For there are many who wish to sell

me their problems – the “Property From Hell!”

“Well Mirror, should I follow the scent of money,

like a bee on the hunt for honey,

seeking lands that seem more sunny,

than my own fair home? Am I a dummy?”

“This is what I ask Mirror, what do you say?”

“You are wise to have these concerns investor sir.

It is good that you are trying to see

if you can be the investor that you want to be.

But, only you know if you are up to the task

of making a place in the sun, your place to bask.”

“You CAN do the job, investor sir,

but only if you have the tools,

the System, the Coach. Doesn’t that make sense?”

Go Contact It’s just one computer click hence.”

“It’s Tax Delinquent Real Estate’s Ridiculously Simple System.

It’s 5 Steps are clear, sensible and the bonus’s create enthusiasm.

It impresses with its safety, it dazzles with its ease.

It shows how not to be trapped with anything resembling sleaze.”

“You will like that your investments are in the US

because you know the language, the customs, the laws .

And Coach Mitch will show you how to take all the fuss

out of looking for property and not fall into a sharks jaws.”

Coach Mitch help’s you speak to those lives in despair.

He will coach that you should be fair.

For being able to feel another’s pain,

will help you find the way to everyone’s gain.

There will be no strain.

It will be a plain, sane, and not inane, gain.

You will not be the bane of another’s pain,

even though the seller

may only take 10 to 30 cents on the dollar.

“For Coach Mitch’s way is the Way of the Mirror.

He works with the ‘Most Motivated Of All Sellers.’

His System is geared to make you your fortune

by helping others who have gone astray.

So give him a call – don’t wait another day.”

“I hope this answers you, dear investor sir.

I know that if you just put aside your fears,

troubles will be behind you, so waste no tears.

And, as for your future – just look in the Mirror.

For there you’ll see the one who knows

the best, and the brightest – the Way to go.”

Happy Independence Day

G_d Bless America

Mitchell Goldstein - Coach Mitch
518-439-6100 until midnight EST

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