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We need better education

Citizens no longer are being well served by many parts of the government. Our schools are not teaching Johnny HOW to read nor HOW to think, rather, they are more and more becoming the vanguard of the “Thought Police” because school curricula are teaching Johnny WHAT to think.

One need only see the programs that are being pushed, i.e. Environmentalism being the general cause and Global Warming being a specific primary focus.

Just yesterday, two young girls, fourth graders, were collecting petition signatures in my neighborhood. They were advocating the idea that plastic water bottles and tops be recycled – in an approved manner. Meaning that, we would be required to gather the plastic bottles and tops and they should be taken to those machines we find in every food retailer and deposited.

1840’s pioneer education was much better

If you ever get the chance, look at the standard teaching book used by pioneers, the famous McGuffey Readers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McGuffey_Readers . You will see that the level of scholarship expected of American children in the 1840’s is vastly superior to the very low level of expectation we have today.

Those who study history know that Americans are currently being programmed for dramatic changes in attitudes, law, philosophy, etc, from what are historically strong American values to the values desired to make us ready for the “New World Order.” The most important American character builder, our desire to be independent and self-supporting, is being replaced with the attitude that Big Brother government knows best.

The easiest way to subvert a population, is to take its young and teach (indoctrinate) them what you want them to believe. Hitler’s maxim: “Give me the children for the first seven years and they will be mine forever.”

My own wife, who escaped from Romania, a communist country, relates how she was taught in elementary school to listen and report what her parents were speaking about. It wasn’t until about the age of 13, my wife says, that the children understood what was being done. Until that point, my wife’s parents were forced to speak in another language, Yiddish, if they wanted to talk in front of their own daughter. This is what is coming to America! Be warned.

The founders knew better

It has been said many times that, never before, nor since, has there been constituted a more well intentioned, better informed group, than those who created the Constitution. They were well schooled in the ways of government. They understood that government’s chief power is the power to tax. Taxation has been correctly labeled as “legalized plunder.”

“Government’s ability to grant favors or lucrative contracts to chosen supporters is another power the founders understood needed to be curtailed. The method: founders chose to permit the federal government to create law in only a few, strictly limited areas, i.e. defense, coining money, determining weights and measures, etc. US Supreme Courts of the last 70 years have allowed federal encroachment into many areas outlawed by previous Supreme Courts. This proves just how subverted our system has become. The fox now oversees all four wings of the hen house.

Now what?

What do we do now? With all the forces of power arrayed against us, what is a humble US citizen to do?

Protect yourself, be smart – get hard assets!

Throughout history, the only store of real value has been hard assets: gold, silver, precious gems, collectibles, water, food, land, etc. Paper money, which can easily be ravished by inflation, loses its value quickly. When inflation hits, hard assets are used as barter, not worthless paper. The worthless money is used to wallpaper your home – if you still own one.

The best hard asset is land

Land is the best hard asset because you can consistently acquire at a steep discount.

This is a most important point

  • Other hard assets, such as gold, can only be gotten at the market price.
  • With gold you can only get a bargain today if the price goes up tomorrow.
  • Precious gems can be gotten at discount prices if you can find a seller who is in great need.
  • However, finding gems at discounted prices is only the case in good times. In times of crises, most assets command a high price, especially gems, which are easily transportable or can be hidden.

Land, Property

  • Only real property can be gotten at steeply discounted prices, in good times and bad.
  • In good times, there are always those who will sell at a steep discount because they “must” have money NOW! You merely need to keep looking.
  • In bad times, desperate situations are even more prevalent.
  • Your biggest difficulty will be to have enough money to acquire all the land that will be offered at give-a-way prices.
  • In situations where people want or need to flee quickly, land is gotten at ridiculously low prices, $0.20 – $0.30 cents on the dollar.
  • Where people have already fled a situation, and you have tracked them down, the property can be gotten at even less, $0.10. cents on the dollar.

Real Property

I find it interesting that the term “real property” refers to land and its improvements. Personal property is also “property.” However, in this context, it is not perceived as “real.” What is perceived as real is property, i.e. land.

This description should speak to you. History has shown that land is what people treasure most. People flock to the best parts, as do animals. People presume that the occupier “owns” the land and the “owners” are given respect and wealth. Wars are fought to acquire the land for the sake of expansion or protection or for the value of its fertile soil or its underground mineral wealth. While gold, gems, and other hard assets are a bit transitory, land is stationary. As such, land is very valuable in a gold rush and not so valuable if in a ghost town.

Coach Mitch’s “Ridiculously Simple System…” focuses on Tax Delinquent Property. This system is the very best way to locate sellers who will sell their land at a significant discount.

In no other real estate acquisition system can you find such great deals on such a consistent basis. In no other real estate acquisition system can you find sellers who are WILLING to sell at such very low prices AND who are ABLE to sell at the prices you want. A very high percentage of the tax delinquent property is lien free. This means that there are no mortgages or other encumbrances to cut into your profits.

See Coach Mitch’s “Ridiculously Simple System…” ™ for details.

Let me show you,

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