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Bonus 2 – Do It Again!

Sounds easy doesn’t it? But it’s not.

It is a sad fact that Americans have a very short attention span.

Humans often have energy and excitement for only a short period of time; and sometimes, for only a very, very short amount of time. Since that is the way it is, Madison Avenue has catered to it and made an art of the “9 second sound bite.”

But that will not do for anyone who is determined to claim a share of the success pie for themselves. We must look beyond the short, exciting burst and appreciate the benefits of sustained effort. Only sustained effort will support a lifestyle for you and your family.

Create a plan to do business.

In order to make continued sales we must put into place a number of elements. This is Coach Mitch’s “Ridiculously Simple System…”

1  Choose the geographic areas that you want to invest in real estate.

2  Get the databases of at risk properties.

3  Because there are too many properties, choose which subset of properties you are most interested in.

4  Market to that subset of properties.

5  Make your best deal and close the transaction.

Bonus #1  Reward yourself.

Bonus #2  Do it again.

How do you do all this? That part of the answer is easy – you just follow the system.

Be a leader.

The reason that people do not succeed is that they do not want to confront. We want things to go smoothly. We want others to just say, “Sure, that is a great idea. Give me two. Not one, but two.” We are not comfortable arguing or debating or trying to convince. We certainly are not comfortable saying, “I don’t agree…”

We are not even comfortable saying, “What about this idea …”

As a result, we do not put ourselves forward and we lose the opportunity to present our ideas, our personality, our vision. Most will justify their lack of action because they do not want anyone to think less of them, or to be mad or have anyone be disappointed. While these feelings are legitimate, it does not get the job done. In the end, you still are not accomplishing what you need too. In the vernacular, you must “suck it up” and do what must be done. That is what leaders do.

People follow those who lead. Only a maximum of 20% of us are leaders. The rest of the population are followers. They are not comfortable stepping into a leadership position or taking chances.

Unfortunately, this means that even though many will gather enough courage to try something once, they will not do it again, even if they had a successful event.

Know your material and your mind

We all have opinions. If your opinion is informed, then you should be able to make credible arguments in the defense of your idea. An informed opinion includes understanding other opinions and knowing why you do not adhere to those points of view. It would be best if you were able to speak clearly about all the sides of an issue. It shows that your are a reflective person and not reflexive or automatic in your beliefs. You consider many ideas before coming to your ultimate opinion.

“Fake It Until You Make It.”

We must force ourselves to do what is not natural, until it becomes natural. There is no other way. This is the way we learn, through rote, doing it over and over again.

For example, when receiving something, parents all say to their youngsters, “What do you say?” and the child knows to iterate, “Thank you.” That is how we learn manners, by being reminded over and over and over again.

How do we learn multiplication? By rote. We are forced to memorize the multiplication tables.

How do we get good at a sport or a musical instrument? We must practice and practice and practice some more. This process is repeated many, many times in all phases of our life.

How do we get proficient at finding motivated situations?

How do we get comfortable speaking with motivated sellers?

How do we make and close transactions?

We do it over and over again. We practice. We know that we will not get every deal, but with practice, we know that we will get a deal – and with fewer and fewer calls.

That is why Bonus #2 is – Do It Again.

Coach Mitch’s “Ridiculously Simple System…” is broken down into bite sized chunks. Each step is very doable.

When interacting with government officials, you are working with professionals. If they are treated as professionals, then they will almost always respond as a professional. Even if someone gives you a hard time, I give you the tools that you need to overcome every situation.

If someone wants a high price, the System has the answer.

If someone won’t sell at your price, the System has the answer.

If someone is being unreasonable, the System has the answer.

The System has all the answers.

You are the only unknown.

What will you do? If only you will just try, the System will have the answer.

All you need do is to not give up.

You succeeded once – just do it again, and again, and again…

See Coach Mitch’s “Ridiculously Simple System…” ™ for details.

Great investing,

Mitchell Goldstein - Coach Mitch
518-439-6100 until midnight EST

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