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Most people want health, wealth, and happiness.

What do you want and how will you accomplish getting it?

Whatever it is, you must be dedicated to achieving that goal. If you are not, then it is only a dream, not a goal.

A goal is something that you are working to achieve. A dream is something nebulous. A goal consists of a plan of achievement and then action steps. A dream does not consist of anything except feelings. Wants and desires are not actions.

The easiest goals to achieve are those that we enjoy doing. Try to pick a goal that has a lot of stuff that you enjoy doing, whatever it is.

I enjoy real estate

  • I don’t know why I enjoy real estate, but I do. I enjoy talking with people, about almost anything substantive, and real estate is as substantial as it gets.
  • I enjoy doing some research, not an exhaustive amount, but some, like doing a title search on a property.
  • I enjoy being contrarian. If the parade is going North, I automatically go South. Why compete? They have left the entire field open for me to take advantage of in some manner. I enjoy doing something that others have not thought of doing. Almost no one does the kind of real estate investing that I do.
  • I enjoy having a grounded philosophy. I enjoy simple, uncomplicated, doable things. My wife would not agree, because I am into so many projects and even simple projects are complicated.
  • I enjoy being in charge, or at least, I want to be in charge of my area.
  • I enjoy projects, like overseeing a rehab project or chairing a committee.
  • I enjoy creating efficiencies. I am really good at seeing a better, faster way to do something.
  • I enjoy brainstorming. This is possibly my favorite activity. By honing this ability, I can quickly come up with alternate ways to solve a situation.
  • And this culminates with, I enjoy helping people. I get involved with them. They feel it and trust me. That is how I consistently get such great deals.

See Coach Mitch’s “Ridiculously Simple System…” ™ for details.

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